5 Valuable Tips for Winterizing Your Vehicle

Posted Wednesday, Jan 17, 2018

Before the Maryland Winter Really Hits!

Have you ever heard the expression, “Take care of your vehicle, and it will take care of you”?  Although we haven’t experienced full-force winter weather yet, the first day of winter is rapidly approaching – and so are the holidays!  What better way to take care of your vehicle than to be sure that it is fit and ready for the weather outside when it gets frightful? You still have time to put some car-care measures into place before the weather gets rough.

Maryland Winter Vehicle Tips

Your car needs to be prepared for this weather in much the same way that you become prepared for cold weather.  For example, you wouldn’t even consider going outside without bundling up in the cold weather – so why would you expect your vehicle to function correctly without preparation?

What can you do to prepare your vehicle?  Well, you can gain an understanding of how things under the hood change or adapt to the changing of the temperature from hot/warm to cold/freezing:

Engine Oil
– engine oil reacts to the engine's running temperature, so be sure that you’re using the proper oil for the conditions. This information is included in your owner’s manual.  Further, check the oil viscosity – this is the thickness of the oil – because it directly affects engine performance (too thick – engine runs hot) – and, of course, we here at Pasadena Pre-Owned recommend an oil change about every 3,000 miles.

Engine Coolant
– this isn’t just for cooling off the engine in the summer months, it also ensures that your engine is protected in the cold/freezing temperatures of winter. Be sure that you are using a coolant with ethylene glycol to protect your engine.  Also, be aware of the coolant to water ratio for your vehicle.  Again, this is found in your owner’s manual. Give us a call if not so sure about this one.

– Battery capacity is reduced by the cold weather, so a thorough inspection of the battery, cables, terminals, connections, and fluid will make sure that it will run at its full potential. Also, determine how old your battery is – knowing this will give you a clue when it begins to lose charge.  If you should need a new battery, never buy a battery with a six-month-old manufacture date!

– Did you know that it’s recommended that your windshield wipers be changed every 6 months or so? It’s a great idea to get new windshield wipers at the start of winter and the start of summer.  In addition, be sure your washer fluid is full - especially in snow, sleet, heavy rain and the like.  This is a safety issue that it seems we don’t think about until there are massive amounts of slush, mud, and dirt flying up onto our windshield and if we have no washer fluid left, could cause an accident.

– make sure that you have the proper tread and pressure on your tires to handle slippery conditions. All-season tires are recommended due to their ability to grip the road in a variety of different weather conditions.

We hope that we have given you some food for thought about preparing for this winter’s Maryland weather!  As always, stay safe out there.

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