15 Ways to Save Money on Gasoline

Posted Monday, Oct 30, 2017

Save Money on Gasoline

Have you noticed that gas prices have gone up a bit in the past few months? It hasn’t been anything too drastic… but gas prices are in fact the highest they’ve been in two years due to the recent destruction left by Hurricane Harvey. And with the holiday shopping quickly approaching, we know you might be trying to maximize your MPG to save some money! So, we’ve come up with 15 ways to save money on gasoline this winter season. Some tips may prove to be easier to follow than others – but consider the following suggestions to make each trip to the gas station a little less painful on your wallet!

1: Keep up with factory scheduled maintenance.

Show your car some love and keep it well maintained to save yourself on gas. A car that runs smoothly requires less fuel to work. Keep a clean air filter, tune your engine, and ensure your tires are in good shape. You can save up to $0.11 per gallon simply by maintaining proper tire pressure!

2: Lighten your car’s load!

We recommend cleaning out your car at least once per season just for good measure. However, if you’re looking to save money on gasoline, doing this on a more regular basis will help tremendously. Each additional pound your car has to carry can reduce your MPG by a sizeable amount. Clean your car out of anything except the essentials and watch your MPG improve.

3: Avoid running on “E.”

We’re all guilty of doing this from time to time… but if you’re really trying to maximize your MPG, you’ll fill up your tank when it hits the quarter-full mark instead. When you drive on or close to empty, your vehicle’s fuel injection system enters a precarious zone and one that you want to avoid.

4: Pay for gas in cash.

How do you typically pay for your gas? Most gas stations will give you a cheaper price per gallon if you pay in cash. So, ditch the credit or debit card when you can to save money on gasoline.

5: At high speeds, wind your windows up!

We know it can be fun to drive down the highway, with the radio up and the windows down. But when you do this, your car actually has to work harder to maintain your speed, which in turn burns more gasoline.

6: At lower speeds, roll your windows back down.

Once you’ve gotten off the highway and are back on roads with lower speeds, we recommend killing the A/C and rolling your windows down to save money on gasoline.

7: Carpool when you can!

This may seem like an obvious way to save money on gasoline – but we have to mention it! We know the holidays are coming up and family travels will increase. Pick up your family members on your way to holiday dinner – it will give you more time to catch up as well as save you some gas money!

8: Shop online.

The mall is going to start to get more congested these next few months anyway… do your holiday shopping online and avoid driving to the store.

9: Plan your errands ahead of time.

It’s simple: the less driving you do, the less money you spend on gasoline. Whether you’re dropping your kids off at school, going holiday shopping, or taking making a trip to the dry cleaners – plan your route out to avoid driving aimlessly around town. Look to avoid frequent stop signs and traffic lights. Before you venture out for a busy day, plan a smart route that allows you to complete all your errands and save you gas.

10: Manage your speed.

Save Money on Gasoline

Typically, cars with manual transmissions are more fuel-efficient than automatic transmissions. But if you drive a car with an automatic transmission, use cruise control to manage your speed to maximize your MPG. Check out our inventory of cars with manual transmissions to consider when buying your next car!

11. Avoid Idling.

Cold and frosty mornings are back in Pasadena! We know how nice it can be to heat your car up 10 or so minutes before you leave the house in the morning – but idling your car wastes a considerable amount of gas. Avoid idling and save about $0.01 per gallon!

12: Avoid driving short distances.

Short car rides are the ultimate gas guzzler. Frequent stops and idling make for the perfect combination for wasted gas. Whenever possible, walk or take alternate means of transportation for trips less than 1 mile to save money on gas.

13: Search for the best gas prices.

We love the website GasBuddy to find the best gas prices, and really anything else you need to fuel any journey. You can find the best local prices, and even use their trip cost calculator to save money on gas for your next excursion!

14: Avoid gas stations right off the highway.

It’s a typical rule of thumb that gas stations directly off the highway are going to be pricier than others. Use the GasBuddy site to find the best prices, or drive a little further off the main road to find a station to save money on gasoline.

15: Consider buying a fuel-efficient car.

If you’re looking to make a vehicle purchase in the near future, look at vehicles with higher MPG ratings to save money on gasoline. This may seem like an obvious choice – but we know that some car buyers don’t always put fuel efficiency high on their list of buying requirements. We have a huge inventory of fuel-efficient cars in Pasadena, MD – take a look! Save Money on Gasoline

Our Final Thoughts

The average price of gasoline per gallon in the United States has fluctuated A LOT over the past decade. We recommend taking the above tips into consideration every time you drive. We all know the prices can go up, or down at any time – so save money on gasoline every time you get the chance!


Have you tried any of these methods to save money on gasoline? Or do you have any other suggestions? Share with us in the comments below and let us know what you think!